Natural Horse Treats  
     the sugar free horse cookies

Corn  -  NO Oats  -  NO SUGAR -   NO Molassas 
-Cheap Alfalfa Meal  -  

Whole Wheat version

        I have been asked by several customers if I would do      
a Whole Wheat cookie.  

   Sure.  It's not a problem.

I make the exact same cookie, only I use 
brown rice and whole wheat flour.
Everything else is exactly the same.

The difference is in the price.
Both brown rice & whole wheat flour
are pretty much double the price
of what I normally use,
white rice & white flour.

Is there a huge difference between the two?
From a carbohydrate standpoint, not really. 
Total carbs in  white rice 36 g.
brown rice 35 g.

Total carbs in white flour 23 g.
whole wheat flour 22 g.

There IS some difference in the fiber, however, 
which white rice & flour have 1 g. fiber
brown rice & whole wheat flour have 2 g.
so that part is nearly doubled @ $6.75/lb.

I will say there is a whole school of thought out there 
that using the brown rice/whole wheat/more fiber
causes the body to utilize sugar more efficiently
or something along those lines.
Ultimately, it is supposed to be better for us,
and thus I would believe it to be better for the horses.

This is one of those decisions that is up to you.
From one standpoint, these are just treats,
and not the complete diet for the horse.
On the other hand, if you really feel like you
want to feed your horse the 
brown rice/whole wheat version,

that is ok too.

AND... i can also do a whole wheat/brown rice/double flax cookie.
which comes to $7.25/lb.
just let me know, via email.
what you want,  how many pounds
and i will INVOICE you

sample pack ~ 1+ lb.  $6.75 + $5.50 shipping =  $12.25

4 lbs. cookies $27.00 + $11.50 shipping =  $38.50

6 lbs. cookies $40.50 + $11.75 shipping =  $52.25

** below for repeat customers only**

9 lbs. cookies $62.75 + $16.50 shpg = $79.25 

12+ lbs. LOOSE/not packaged
cookies $81.00 + $16.50 ship
ping = $97.50

  All the flavors are the same  ~  
                        VANILLA  ~  MAPLE  ~CHERRY   ~  MINT  

         I will make you a nice mix of flavors.   
*** Let me know if you do not want mint or licorice.

      same payment, etc.  you can either send me a check or PAYPAL me, 
      whichever is most convenient for you.
PAYPAL, you will still use my email address, or
where it asks 'send money'
you will click that button, then put in my email address.

    As always, thank you.   and thank you for caring so much for your horses That's why I still do this myself.  It makes me feel good to meet other people who care so much about their horses.  In this day and age, with the economy as it is, it is just wonderful to find folks out there who still take the time and make the effort to do something nice for their horse.