Natural Horse Treats  
     the sugar free horse cookies

Corn  -  NO Oats  -  NO SUGAR -   NO Molassas 
-Cheap Alfalfa Meal  -  

   Skinny Mini's 
                                Everyones' new favorite                                                

   I now have a 'Skinny Mini's ' size.  It's the exact same cookie, but I roll out the dough and cut it with a pizza cutter.  It makes the cookies smaller and flat, which is easier for some ponies and mini horses to eat, and many customers like them because they are easier to put in your pocket plus more cookies per pound.

They are also the same price, ship the same way, priority, etc.

I send a mix of the 4 flavors, vanilla, maple, cherry, & mint
if  you want all one flavor, shoot me an email
Prices below include the priority shipping 

1 lb. sample $9.75  


4 lbs  $26.00
These will come packaged in ziploc bags

+ + + ++ + + + +  the cookies below will come loose not bagged,            but i will include bags in the 6 lb size  

6 lbs.  $33.00

 + + + + + + + +  
the cookies below come loose, so i can fit the full amount in the box

10 lbs. $52.00

12 lbs. $58.50 

Thank you so much for your interest in my horse treats!