Sugar Free Horse Treats  

Corn  -  NO Oats  -  NO SUGAR -   NO Molassas 
-Cheap Alfalfa Meal  -  

    NO  Corn  ~  NO  Oats  ~  NO Molasses  ~ 
          NO cheap Alfalfa Meal   ~      
~  NO Fruits/Herbs/Flowers ~ 
~ NO Added Preservatives ~

Mother is the necessity of invention.                                 That is certainly true in this case.  
My daughters' Morgan, Elvis, (WickedGoodKnightKiss) is very cresty.  He has always been an incredibly 'easy keeper'.  I have joked often about how I could keep Elvis on asphalt.  Honestly.  He's a typical Morgan, about 14.2, short backed, round, tends to be fat.  Ok.  We try dry-lotting him.  We put him on 'Lite' feed, and little of that.  He slowly loses some weight.... but he is still crested.  and Elvis has always been a bit prone to laminitis.  He's only 8 years old.  So, I do not even n go down the road of 'Cushings'.  He sheds out beautifully.  But, this cresty neck is concerning me.  So, I start hunting information, and discover that Elvis is probably 'IR'  insulin resistant.  It's apparently something like type 2 diabetes in people.  Which is the kind you control with diet.  Ok.  Gotcha now.  Everything I read pointed to this.  IR horses, like Cushings horses, and EPSM (Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy) and RER (Recurrent Exertional Rhabdomyolosis) horses have a problem with carbohydrates &/or sugars, which is the basis of most horse feeds.  So, the diet deal kind of stinks.  It's not easy to find 'low carb' stuff, which includes the 'sugars'.  Not just white sugar, but the sugars that are in: molasses, (virtually everything fed to horses, especially treats, has got some molasses in it), corn syrups, and all the fruit sugars that are found in apples, carrots, raisins, bananas, etc.  Then there are the treats which SOUND good, until you think about it - flowers and herbs (organic or not) will have the same type of sugars/starches/carbs as green grass, which is a 'no-no' to our IR/laminitic horses.

Geez!  There is a task for me.  Figure out a way to make horse treats out of nothing horses enjoy.  Ok.  No problem.  Ha!  Believe it or not, I DID IT!
I have developed a horse treat that can be fed to our 'problem carb' horses.   It is the only 'RICE BASED" horse treat I can find, and  I think it may be the only one out there. (*patent pending)                                              

   Sugar Free Horse Treats do not have any:

Corn - the highest ranking NSC (Non-Structural Carbohydrate), Oats, also NSC high,  Molasses, Sugar (Not white or brown), Corn syrups, or any fruits/fruit sugars

I have had them tested, 3/2013, for their carb count and
here is the breakdown from Equianalitcal Labs, in Ithica, NY

     As sampled:
   Sugar Free Horse Treats
         WSC (Water Soluble Carbs)  12.9% 
         ESC (Ethanol Soluble Carbs)  9.3%
     Plain Shredded Beet Pulp                       

                             WSC                 10.7%          

Sugar Free Horse Treats are plain beet pulp/rice based horse cookies, with  just enough flour to bind them together, and hold in the flax seed, which is fabulous for ALL horses, as it's loaded with those great Omega Essential Fatty Acids. I make them here at my house, by hand, they are oven baked til crunchy, and all our horses seem to love  them!!!  They come in   Vanilla- Mint.  I use only imitation flavoring extracts, as real  vanilla,  & mint have alcohol in them, which IS a sugar as well.

They are  only   $3.50 / lb. *this makes them about the least expensive/cheapest specialty horse treat on the market!

AND, I do use ziploc bags, because they are practical, not pretty, not fancy, & not expensive.

I do not make the treats until your order comes in,  
 so they are literally as fresh as you could possibly get.  

Now, it also takes me a while to make these cookies, as I do make them by hand.  They bake for hours, then I let them cool  before packaging them up to be shipped. I am not a 'store', and I do not have an 'inventory' or a  surplus of cookies just laying around until an order comes in.  Often, I will have to go buy the ingredients when I get an order.  I don't keep a bunch of that laying around either.  I honestly don't make them 'til I get an order.
So please be patient, and don't expect your cookies the next day after you order them.  It will take me a little time to make them all. 

The round cookies           in my oven    

What is the size/shape of the cookies?

Skinny Mini's =  I roll out the dough and cut it with a pizza cutter.  It makes the cookies small and flat, which is easier for ponies and mini horses to eat, and all my customers like them because they are easy to put in your pocket.  
Round Cookies
if you want  for a 'bizzy ball' or 'amazing graze' toy, I  use a small cookie scoop for the dough, the cookies will be a bit larger, and round.

Order them directly from me.  It's easy.

  see order amounts/info/paypal buttons below.
  if you have any trouble,

  Simply email me at:  



  I ship all the horse treats/cookies via U.S. Priority Mail, flat rate, which without a doubt is the cheapest, and the quickest!

 I can ship internationally, however, it does cost quite a bit more.  If you are from outside the United States and are interested in my
Natural Horse Treats, the Sugar Free Horse Cookies, send me an email, and I will get you a quote on shipping.

Occasionally the paypal buttons will allow you to order more than one package, i.e. "two of the 4 lbs. cookies" and then only charge one shipping fee.  For example, I cannot put three 6 lb. orders into one medium flat rate box. If this happens, I will email you the shipping difference, or you can opt to go to a lower/lesser amount of cookies. 

 Once baked / packaged, I get them to the Post Office and the cookies will arrive in 2-3 days.  Love Priority Mail.  and it's insured.

Simple. Easy. Quick.

sample pack ~about a pound+  $3.25 + $6.50 shpg = $9.75

4 lbs. cookies  $14.00 + $12.00 shpg = $26.00


6 lbs. cookies   $21.00 + $12.00 shpg = $33.00


        Below is for REPEAT customers only, & are shipped  loose, not bagged

10 lbs. cookies 

                     $35.00 + $17.00 shpg = $52.00  

 10 lbs + 2 lbs. cookies   

 $42.00+ $17.00 Shpg = $59.00  


 NEW too!  For my repeat customers, if you are ordering large amounts every month, please contact me about  my new         auto ship program!



   I almost always go 'over' the poundage, and I don't worry about it, as I am shipping Priority, 'if it fits, it ships'.  
So you will always end up getting a little more than what you order.

These are the only  ingredients : 
          plain beet pulp, water, rice, flour, flax seed, salt, baking soda  & flavoring.  That's all.  Honestly.


I also GUARANTEE  these cookies.  If your horse does not like them, 
you can send the remainder back to me* (actually you will send them to 
a horse rescue group) and I will refund your money, minus the shipping cost

Payment: you can either PAYPAL me, using the PAYPAL button above or go to the PAYPALwebsite, and where it asks what you want to do, click 'send money' , it will ask what address, and you will use either one of my email addresses below and put in the total price of cookies + shipping


if you want to send me a check/money order, just tell me that in an email

Feel free to email me anytime with any questions, etc. or
You can also text my cell (540) 533-8535 *  
*it's infinitely easier to get me via email or text than by calling.  
I am notorious for not charging my phone!  :)

Here's one of my favorite customers, a mini named Boy Toy.

   Ahhh, spring.


   but when the weather gets bad,  it's time for - - - -


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 Elvis is the black horse on the right with Shelby

We have got El on 'lite' which is a low starch feed, plus I give him a magnesium supplement as well, called 'Remission.' and "HEIRO", check out that website

I also feed all my performance horses, 
and my performance prospect babies "Source."
I believe it's good stuff.  Really.


me on jd freckles at the 2005 American Quarter Horse Congress